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Top Five Super Amazing Study Skills For College Students

Okay, when you hear “study skills,” you probably immediately want to take a nap, but, seriously, these things are important. Here’s a little secret: college isn’t really all about learning about certain subjects. It’s actually more about figuring out how to deal with information that you’re given. Sure, you’re building up a base of knowledge […]

The 6 Super Cool Tips on Teaching Study Skills

  Poor performance on exams and assignments has compelled teachers to come up with creative ways to help their students learn proper study habits. Recently, three veteran educators have come up with their own game plans to win the battle against academic mediocrity; they have devised ingenious methods in teaching study skills. 1. The Breakfast […]

Study Skills: Good Study Skills, Tips For Academic Success

Have your ever known a person who has good study habits? Sometimes these organized people – you even see them in high school, and they are the ones with regular cubicles in university libraries – are regarded with awe or pity by others who are more haphazard. Unfortunately, most never ask these dedicated scholars for […]

Personal Top Study Skills For High School

More than a few high school students do not take their four years seriously, whether they are a freshman or seniors. School is meant for fun, right? Well that is true, but it also comes with responsibility, not necessarily to your teachers or parents, but most importantly to you. How you perform during this academic […]